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Wine List

All our wines are grown, made and bottled by us at the vineyard from old vines. Handmade wines from Harbourne and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


2020 Harbourne Autumn Dry Seyval Blanc and Muller Thurgau Old vines. Superbly ripe grapes from a late October harvest gives this wonderful crisp and dry citrussy wine with a hint of ripe melon and a slight sparkle ,softened by gentle ageing! Long zesty finish.Serve chilled. A good accompaniment to fish dishes or cheeses. 11.5% vol. £13.50 bottle

2018 Harbourne Ortega Dry Old vines. From a crop of selected Ortega grapes harvested on 26/9/18, this delicate, golden, aromatic wine marries citrus and tropical fruit flavours with a hint of blossom. A long, dry finish. Excellent by itself or with poultry, fish or cheese. Particularly good with vegan savoury dishes. 11.5% vol.£13.50 bottle

2018 Harbourne Muller Thurgau Medium Dry Old vines. A delicate medium white wine. Flower perfume . Juicy grape and lychee highlights. A lovely wine that can be drunk by itself or it compliments cheese or dessert with a softness without being cloying Good long finish. Serve chilled. 11% vol. £13.50 bottle

2018 Harbourne Bacchus Dry Old Vines. Winemaker’s Choice A dry pale gold colour aromatic wine from a superb year. A delightfully perfumed nose with notes of apple blossom and honeysuckle. Crisp but soft and elegant with a lovely balance. An ideal aperitif or serve with fish, salads or soft cheese. This is the wine the winemaker drinks on his day off! Only 507 bottles produced in this 2018 vintage. 12.5% vol. £15 bottle

2022 Sunset Pink Rosé Old vines Pinot Meunier and Blauer Portugueiser grapes.It is a medium dry light bodied wine with the taste of stone and berry fruits producing a wine full of fruit leading to a crisp but soft finish. Perfect as an aperitif or even dessert! 11.5% vol £13.50 bottlel

2018 Harbourne Dry Red Old vines. Made from Pinot Meunier & Blauer Portugeiser grapes. Soft and fruity on the nose, this wine has cherry notes and is soft and very smooth but with a dry slightly tannic finish. It is good with Mediterranean vegetables and tomato based recipes both vegetarian and meat pasta dishes. Fuller flavoured fish dishes, pork and lamb . It is also very good to drink by itself either at room temperature or slightly chilled in the summer. Limited edition 11.5% vol £15.00 bottle .

We can deliver within 30 miles of Wittersham for £20(any quantity) we can't send wine by parcel service as we've had a lot of problems with breakage and non-delivery

We also have a wide range of newer wines up to and including 2022.

We have a selection of containerised grape vines. From £7 each. Enquire if you would like further details.

Contact us regarding all aspects of viticulture and winemaking. 45 years experience. Consultancy fees from £50/hr.

Can we supply wine for your function or business or personal gifts? We can arrange for wine tasting and talks at your own venue for wine clubs etc.

This list replaces all previous lists. All prices are in £ sterling and include duty as at 1/4/24 . Prices liable to change without notice and subject to availability. Bottle = 75 cls. Please make cheques payable to L.WILLIAMS. Cash & cards accepted.

All our wines are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. No animal or GM products are used for growing the grapes or for making the wine. All wines are bottle (not tank) aged and may have some sediment or wine crystals in the bottle which are harmless and natural. We use corks! which may be slightly mouldy on the top due to aging, also harmless and does not affect the wine. Most wines benefit from a short period to breath after opening Trade enquiries welcome.

updated 8/4/24

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